Today in Amazing Concepts for a Video Game: Who’s Your Daddy, a game in which you work to defeat a baby, or play as the baby and try to kill yourself.

More specifically, Who’s Your Daddy is a one-on-one game in which one player takes on the role of a parent, and the other a crawling infant. As the parent, your job is to run around the house to make it as safe for the baby as possible. As the baby, your only goal is to find a gap in the safety net and murder yourself with it.

The game is still really new and rough, but the core concept seems phenomenally ridiculous even at this early stage. The baby runs around the house looking for any opportunity to cause its own death, like crawling into the oven or shoving a fork into a power outlet. Meanwhile, the dad is using whatever tools are available to cover outlets, lock up dangerous areas and clean up potentially life-threatening objects.

We’ll see how well the game actually holds up in a finished state, since there are plans for power-ups that’ll change how the baby and the parent do battle, but at least as an idea on paper, this sounds like the greatest video game competition ever conceived. Check out more on Who’s Your Daddy’s Steam Kickstarter page or download the alpha version of the game.

Via reddit