Meet Carmen Bourseau. She’s a 28 year-old from Santa Monica who works the front desk at an office in Las Vegas and who loves fitness. Oh, and she’s also the star running back for the Los Angeles Temptation of the LFL (formerly referred to as the Lingerie Football League). If you aren’t familiar with this sports league, it’s basically the greatest invention of all time. It combines the action of a fast-paced football game with the undeniable attraction of sexy women in lingerie. Basically, it’s like they combined the football being played in the NFL with the cheerleaders on the sidelines and squished it all into one, big, mega-sport.

Recently, Carmen did an interview for CBS Man Cave Daily in which she talks about her life as a star athlete. She explains how these aren’t just pretty girls trotting out on to the field to show some cleavage. While they may be beautiful, these women are flat out athletes who can play some friggin’ football.

She plays running back, but I’d have guessed that she’s a tight end.