This guy found this Nintendo 3DS case at a Good Will for $2.99 and could hear rattling inside.

After he got home, he took off the tape and opened it up.

A Crimson Red Nintendo 3DS!

And what is this?

$21! Jackpot! That’ll buy an extra game or two.

But wait, what’s behind the black foam? Could it be…?

Woah! It came with a litter of games!

But does it work? Might want to check that out…

Oh man! Prescription drugs! This keeps getting better and better!

Opened it up to find Pokemon Y running…

Generation 1 starters!

Extra Chespins!

He decided to flip it over to see what’s behind it…

Mustang logo?

A ’69 Black Ford Mustang! To think he only spent $2.99 for the 3DS box.