Call them what you want: AI, voice-activated speakers, whatever, but the truth is that gear like Google Home and Amazon Echo are here to stay, at least until the technology giants decide to get into our heads in another manner. You know the drill: You can ask these devices to play your favorite music and order more toilet paper. But in the case of Google Home as discovered by the folks over at CNET, it can remember where you left your keys.

We’ve all done it: it’s a Monday morning, we’ve been binging on The OA all weekend, and we can’t for the lives of us remember where we put our keys when we got home late Friday night after another form of binging.

If you had Google Home and knew how to use it, you may be in luck. It turns out that the pseudo-AI device has the ability to parse information when you tell it to simply remember things. Say, “OK Google, remember that my keys are behind the toilet” and on Monday morning, when you ask, “OK Google, where are my keys?” you’ll be in luck.

Sounds simple, but this feature is surprisingly unique to Google home. We tried something similar with Siri on our iPhone, and she just created a memo. In short, we won’t be asking her where our keys are because, well, she doesn’t know.

You can even ask open-ended questions to Google Home, like “OK Google, what did I tell you about my keys?” It sounds simple, and perhaps even stupid, but when you consider how useful this could be for things like “OK Google, what is my password?” Or how about, “OK Google, remember that I fed Sparky today” and then come home to ask “OK Google, dd anyone feed Sparky today?”

You could avoid a fat pet, especially in situations where you have roommates.

CNET did point out that this isn’t the most secure thing in the world. Google Home will remember all of this stuff, and it can be tough to delete items. You’ll have to say “OK Google, forget what I told you about Sparky”.

Now if only it could remember where we put our Google Home…