“Google, how do I make a Negroni?”

This morning Google search is releasing a new cocktail feature that will save you a lot of time when looking up recipes. Whether you’re mixing up drinks at home or unsure of what your bartender is serving you, search for the name of the drink, “Negroni,” for example, and Google displays ingredients, instructions and suggestions for garnishes and drinkware in a box on the right side of the search results. You don’t even have to click on any links. The feature also works on mobile devices and with voice search.

Google provides the same short-cut for other factual information such as celebrity bios, health conditions and population data. But cocktail recipes aren’t standardized, so where does Google get its information? The search engine collects data across Wikipedia and content sites to determine which recipe is the most popular and consistent. Google will constantly update the results to deliver the best recipe as tastes evolve. A Negroni, however, will always be made with gin, Campari and red vermouth.

(via TechCrunch)

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