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Google Lets You Bask in NYC’s Holiday Windows, Without the Snow and Tourists

Google Lets You Bask in NYC’s Holiday Windows, Without the Snow and Tourists: Mireya Acierto / Getty

Mireya Acierto / Getty

Google continued its mission to get you to live in the Matrix by debuting a VR-compatible walkthrough with some NYC holiday flair. Using its streetview technology and 360-degree photography, Google’s Window Wonderland allows you to take a walk along the Christmas window displays of New York City—without the bitter cold and cranky tourists.

The walk includes 18 major NYC stores, including all the big-name retailers you would expect. Google also is flexing its power here, as their Art Copy & Code team has managed to get competing buisnesses to be a part of the same marketing campaign.

Google shot the pictures using a Canon EOS 1D X Mark II, a high-end camera able to shoot 21.5-megapixel photos at 14 frames per second in uncompressed RAW format. At two- to five-second intervals, the camera snapped a picture. This accounts for the almost cinematic user experience. If you are wondering how the curious passerby were controlled so as to not interfere with a photoshoot going on, the answer is a large black curtain and ungodly hours.

Protests over Trump’s imminent presidency near Tiffany’s, inclement weather and some curious pedestrians were just a few of the challenges Google faced. Not to mention finding a way to transform all these high-resolution photos into an easily accessible format for different devices without download times or plugins. You could say that the process working out was a Christmas miracle.

Enter the Window Wonderland here.

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