The Goon, Eric Powell’s beloved comic book series about a pair of b-movie noir henchmen lookalikes battling everything from zombies and aliens to skunk apes and the Communist Airborne Mollusk Militia may be made into a movie sometime soon - which would be huge news if that sentence hadn’t been repeatedly thrown around these last six years. The Goon, and the glorious on-screen mayhem it could one day be, has been in the curious purgatory of development hell for what seems like forever. But things could actually, really, truly change now.

See, for a while, David Fincher was attached as the big name that might legitimately get it made (as producer). But now Tim Miller is attached, or more accurately, Tim Miller has always been attached as co-director (with Jeff Fowler), but now Miller’s name suddenly carries a whole new weight since directing the out-of-nowhere, out-of-this-world successful Deadpool.

Such sudden power could turn the long-stalled pet project into a greenlit studio-backed flick, which would be quite the turn since The Goon’s film adaptation Kickstarter from 2012, as Miller explained to Collider.

MILLER: “I know it annoys the Kickstarter fans so much and I’m sorry because everybody gives us their hard-earned money and they’re so generous about it and they go, ‘What the fuck is going on? Why is nothing happening?’ We took that Kickstarter money and spent it all on a full 85-minute animatic of the film. We showed it to [David] Fincher, we’ve been working on it diligently, we got a bunch of notes, and we’ve been working on the notes. It’s just it took all of the Kickstarter money to do the 85-minutes of that and fulfill all the other stuff, so we go back to this additional work, [which] goes into the cracks between actual paying projects.”

Speaking of which, one of Miller’s upcoming paying projects will be Deadpool 2, so we’ll have to see if this really turns out to be the time The Goon makes it off the page and onto the screen and into more hearts.