The GOP has come up with some audaciously lame attempts to appeal to younger votes leading up to the 2014 Midterm election—because it’s no secret they don’t appeal to women, millennials, or people of color. They have been putting the ads anywhere they think millennials tune in, including Pandora, which defeats the purpose of easy listening. And in their strange vision of the world, Republicans are sexier, more stylish, and culturally relevant than their Democratic candidates.( Even hipsters are voting for them!)

Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart had a field day with the commercials, as did anyone with ears and eyes.

Here are the 5 of the worst political ads released by the GOP for the 2014 Midterms targeted towards millennials.

1. Apparently all young people watch “Say Yes to the Dress”

For those who do watch the reality TV show Say Yes to the Dress, we know that saying yes to a Republican candidate is nowhere near as fun as fighting with your mother in-law about which slutty dress you shouldn’t wear to your wedding. But it’s confusing why a more conservative party would be advocating for the skimpier wedding gown.

2. And obviously any reference to the “The Bachelor” we will understand

If there is one thing millennial women love, it’s hot guys and reality TV shows like The Bachelor. Except, this add is not in the least bit sexy, and I think most men realize there’s a difference between picking a date and picking a candidate.

3. And we all totally relate to online dating and heartbreaks

The GOP gives Obama an online dating profile, and the ladies aren’t impressed by his undelivered promises. I can actually relate to this ad—some of us do go for more the Paul Ryan type (as long as he doesn’t talk, at all.)

4. The “Scare Millennials With Student Loan Debt” Tactic

Besides the fact that this is a corny mash-up of Project Runway, The Apprentice and Shark Bait, why is that one dude wearing a terrible bald cap?

5. Awkward Confessional By Millennial Hipster

There is nothing millennials love more than talking about themselves, and we apparently love talking about our problems to a camera while never looking at said camera. Of course, while wearing trade mark non-prescription glasses, a “Wears Waldo” shirt, and pumping gas. Note to Republicans: hipsters ride bikes.

Nicole Theodore is a digital intern at Playboy. To read more of her millennial political rants, follow her on Twitter