If you’re into capturing your action sports, travel, underwater adventures and just your life in general, you probably have a GoPro, or at least something inspired by the ubiquitous and versatile camera. You probably use yours a lot, and you’re probably wondering what their next flagship Hero camera will be like, and when it will come out.

We can tell you one thing: The Hero 6 will come out this year, at least according to transcripts from their Q4 2016 earnings call.

And yes, we know that they pretty much just released the Hero 5 Black, but the company appears to be scaling back and focusing on what they do best after reporting $116 million in losses and shutting down offices while shuttering its entertainment division.

GoPro rose like a phoenix in the gadget world when it first came out. Picking up where Flip cams left off, GoPro became the go-to when it came to strapping a camera on your helmet or selfie stick to grab mountain biking, snowboarding and scuba adventures. The company leaned into this and expanded like crazy, adding drones and software packages. They did well for a while, but after some production issues and a slowdown in the drone market, they had a rough 2016. Doesn’t help either that Snapchat Spectacles came out in 2016, stealing a little bit of their thunder when it came to wearable camera technology.

As for what to expect from the Hero 6, we can only speculate, but you’ll likely see better frame rates to capture all that action, a new chipset and even possibly the ability to shoot 360-degree video. We’d also expect improved battery time and, of course, more accessories to increase your credit card debt.