GoPro is in a world of hurt lately. The one-time king of action cameras and gear, the company has hit several roadblocks, including a legion of drones that simply stopped working and literally fell out of the sky. Not a good look for the company. They’ve since recalled tons of drones, laid off 270 people from their workforce, and hunkered down on the future. It doesn’t help that Snapchat Specs were launched, either.

They say they fixed the Karma drone, and while it may be true, it may be too little too late as other drone manufacturers have come to the drone party and eaten all the electric cake. Here’s what people are saying about the rebooted Karma:

  • Its battery life isn’t great. When you’re using a drone - really using a drone to, say, shoot footage or just have some fun, you want to be out on the field for a while. As such, you want an efficient robot. The Karma isn’t such a drone.
  • It doesn’t include autonomous follow technology. This cool, GPS-based tech is the future of drones: Some know where you are and will just follow you around. The Karma lacks this functionality.
  • Its range is short. Compared to other available drones, the Karma needs to stay closer to its master.
  • It’s not good indoors. Sure, GoPro is known for their outdoorsy appeal, so this may not matter to some, but the truth is that most of the better drones include sensors that make them safe indoors.

In short, it seems tech journalists are saying that the Karma isn’t worth the investement. Will GoPro survive 2017? I guess we will just have to see.