Do you sometimes lie in bed at night and fantasize about using a drone to attack everyone who has ever wronged you? Well, if you want to live out that fantasy, you’d better act fast.

The U.S. Government, in conjunction with local law enforcement agencies, is working on a high-tech system to counter the threat posed by rouge drone users. The goal of the system would be to not only track drones back to their owners, but also disable them.

According to Reuters, government agencies have already started field testing prototypes.

Last New Year’s Eve, New York police used a microwave-based system to try to track a commercially available drone at a packed Times Square and send it back to its operator, according to one source involved in the test.

The previously unreported test, which ran into difficulty because of interference from nearby media broadcasts, was part of the nationwide development effort that includes the Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Aviation Administration and the Defense Department, the source said.

The renewed interest in drone countermeasures comes amid a rash of drone sightings by commercial airliner pilots, as well as an incident earlier this year when a drone crashed on the White House lawn. Not to mention the recent YouTube footage of a customized drone firing a handgun.

It’s also worth noting that I wrote this post in order to help create drone paranoia, furthering the agenda of my New World Order overlords. False flag! False flag!

(Source: Reuters)