It’s finally happening: today is the future. Marty McFly and Doc Brown are arriving from 1985. Biff Tannen will become our new super-capitalist overlord. Cafe ’80s franchises will pop up all over the country, and everyone will definitely get the Max Headroom joke with the servers.

And of course, no celebration of popular culture would be complete without a video tribute created in Grand Theft Auto V.

It’s thanks to a series of mods created for the PC version of GTA V that the video is possible, adding in Doc Brown’s Delorean time machine, Marty McFly’s signature multi-hue hat from his foray in 2015, and lots of other little changes that make things like flame trails coming off the car as it hits 88 MPH. Add in a little movie audio and you have a pretty faithful recreation of the time travel scene from Back to the Future. Now we just need a mod that turns GTA V psychopath Trevor into Biff Tannen, and adds Biff’s Pleasure Paradise to Los Santos, and we’re all set.