Chances are that if you consider yourself a gamer, or if you’ve even dabbled in gaming, you spend a good amount of time with Grand Theft Auto. Chances are also pretty good that you have your eyes on VR and are waiting for that perfect moment to finally add it to your home entertainment arsenal.

Well, that time may be rapidly approaching, as Leslie Benzies, producer of the Grand Theft Auto series, has left Rockstar North to start a new VR Company called VR-Chitect Limited. He is apparently starting the company with Christopher Poziemski from Brewin Dolphin, an investment management firm out of the UK.

So why’s this such a big deal? Benzies is credited with producing all of the GTA’s since III, Red Dead Redemption, L.A. Noire, Manhunt 2 and Max Payne 3. In short, he has a hell of a CV and even though VR is picking up steam, we’ve yet to see a VR tech that really drives home why gamers should go invest hundreds, if not thousands, in new equipment just for some tech demos and cheap thrills (porn notwithstanding, of course).

Early reports indicate that VR-Chitect limited will start with creating their own VR hardware while creating sub-companies to develop content. One such videogame title is apparently called Time For A New World. Will it be a hugely immersive, gritty, F-bomb laden sandbox game like Grand Theft Auto, but in VR?

Good lord, we certainly hope so.