However you look at it, dressing well is competitive. And when you’re wearing exactly the same thing as the other guy, the best you can expect is to end the game with a tie. But you can win the sartorial competition by wearing custom clothes, and they don’t have to be hand-measured on Savile Row to be a step up from off-the-rack. With monograms making a comeback (J. Crew and Burberry let you put your brand on their brand), Brooks Brothers going from trad to rad with its design-your-own line and more custom-clothing shops online than ever before, the runway is your project to own.

At this custom shirt site, nerd out on the dizzying array of collar heights and fabric options, then custom design a shirt down to the cuffs (barrel, mitered or otherwise).

Get your girlfriend to take your measurements, then dial in a dandy blazer or suit with your choice of vents, lapels and even contrasting lining, and have it fabricated for you and only you.

In addition to custom shirts and suits, Black Lapel lets you break out and break down your fantasy pair of pants, whether you prefer them pleated, flat front, cuffed or streamlined.