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Green Monsters

Green Monsters:
Article: 489 - Embed 1

The problem with electric autos: range anxiety. With four people in the car and the AC on, that battery needle drops fast. Enter the Volt, an electric car with a backup 1.4-liter gas engine — just in case. The Volt is an ideal ride for a guy with a short commute, even if he is a weekend warrior.

PROS: No range anxiety, snappy styling.

CONS: High price, and you get only 35 miles on a full electric charge.

STATS: About $32,000 after tax rebate, energy equivalent to 98 mpg on its electric motor.

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Article: 489 - Embed 2

PROS: Plenty of punch. So quiet it has a sound generator to warn pedestrians. Arguably the best all-electric so far.

CONS: Battery drains fast at highway speeds.

STATS: About $27,700 after tax rebate, 73-mile range, energy equivalent to 99 mpg.

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Article: 489 - Embed 3

PROS: More powerful and faster charging than the Leaf, great styling, made in America.

CONS: It’s new and has limited availability; is it ready for the big time?

STATS: About $31,700 after tax rebate, 76-mile range, energy equivalent to 105 mpg.

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Article: 489 - Embed 4

PROS: High efficiency. Quick-charge DC station provides 80 percent charge in 25 minutes.

CONS: Looks like a golf cart and drives like one. A full charge from an outlet takes 22.5 hours.

STATS: About $22,500 after tax rebate, 62-mile range, energy equivalent to 112 mpg.

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