Over the past week, Fashion Week took over New York City, drawing designers, press and crowds from far and wide for a preview of upcoming fall and winter collections. During the shows, models strutted down the runway not only sporting the latest clothing trends, but setting the overall look–including the way you style above the shoulders–for the seasons ahead. For men, more than ever before, it’s all about classics with a modern twist. While the concept of being well-groomed with an effortless edge is nothing new, this take is turned up for a the versatile look meant to work when you’re dressed up in a tailored suit or spending the day in a casual T-shirt and pants. We spoke backstage with the hairstylists and makeup artists responsible for crafting the looks about what’s in for men and how to achieve it with minimal effort.


A refined, clean look shouldn’t be complicated. According to makeup artist Sasha Safdiah, it can take as little as two steps: “Just a little balm on the lips and brush up the brows, that’s really what the whole look is.” While not the most common step in a man’s regular regimen, the idea is that just like you’d brush your hair, you brush your brows. Why is the step worth incorporating? “It opens up the eye a little more and make the face look a little fresher,” says Safdiah. “I feel like we’re just coming off the blocked brows and Instagram brow. We’re trying to free the brow.” To do the trick, she relies on her beloved Smith 214 brush, but a disposable spoolie wand will do as well. With the wand, you brush it upwards all at once, expanding the brow.


When it comes to hair styling for the upcoming season, texture without tons of volume rules. Key hairdresser Takuya Morimoto styled the models at the Helen Anthony show with simple finger waves at the front of their short cuts. To achieve the finger waves, he used L'oreal Aecni Art Pli, a thermo-modelling spray you can spray into your hand and then run through your hair for a hold that’s more flexible than hairspray, specifically designed for waves to get a natural lift. It’s a style that isn’t too clean, or too sleek, but still allows men to look put together.

Beyond finding the right hairspray and setting lotion, Morimoto’s first assistant, Natalie Doke, mentions that the beauty of this simple style is that it doesn’t require clean hair to look fresh. “He would get up in the morning, maybe wash his hair, maybe not.” And if you use this product, will you need to wash it out immediately? According to Doke, it’s fine to wear for a few days. As for the steps, with the product already on your hands, coil piece at the front of your hair around your finger to “do a wave, spray it, crumble it, shake it in your hands, mess it up.” If using hair spray for additional hold, rather than spray directly onto the hair, spray just above and let it fall. The whole process should take no more than a half hour and will last a full day.


When is comes to skin, a fresh face is never out of style. From the top floor of Spring Studios, makeup artist Anneliese Tieck says the most important product to incorporate into your skincare routine is also the most simple: moisturizer. In her words, the top purpose is that it will prevent wrinkles. As for specific products, she recommends Lab Series, which is a skincare line specifically geared towards men. While so much of the beauty industry revolves around women, Tieck doesn’t want stigma preventing men from taking care of their skin. “If guys don’t want to use something for girls, the whole product range is just for men.”


As for under the radar grooming tips that the regular guy might be missing out on, renowned Spanish makeup artist Gato says BB cream will up any man’s skin game. “I use it and it really makes such a big difference with guys.” BB cream is an all-around balm that moisturizes, hides blemishes and even offers sunblock. And it’s easy to apply and go, rather than requiring a whole routine. Its ability to even the skin and cover blemishes is one of top reasons he suggests it. “I don’t like when guys use a concealer or something like that, I don’t feel like it really matches the skin of the guy and that it’s very visible, but BB cream is something you can use after a shave and it really works.” According to Gato, its usage boosts the skin, taking it up a notch. “I think the skin looks more healthy and that the skin tone looks better. I think that the difference between using it or not is a good skin day or a normal skin day. That’s the difference.”