Photo courtesy of [Gage Skidmore]( / [Wikimedia](

Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia.

The website is offering $5,000 to anyone who manages to disrupt this Saturday’s live broadcast of Saturday Night Live hosted by Donald Trump.

“ is working with activists in New York to disrupt the live broadcast of the show to both hold NBC accountable and make a statement to the world that Trump’s racism has no place in the White House,” read a statement posted on the site. “[We] will pay $5,000 cash to anyone on the set of the show or in the studio audience who yells out or gets on camera during the live broadcast clearly heard saying ‘Deport Racism’ or 'Trump is a Racist.’”

The offer is open to anyone who is “heard clearly on-air during the live TV broadcast saying 'Deport Racism’ or 'Trump is a Racist,’” provided they are also “identified by name in media… as being a supporter.”

If more than one person completes the task, the website says they’ll have to split the $5,000, which is kind of lame. You’d think they could offer a full $5,000 to at least the first five people. It’s not like there’s any shortage of Trump haters who would be willing to chip in.

The website is run by the Political Action Committee (PAC) Deport Racism. The group recently released a Trump-bashing video in which a group of Latino children mock the candidate, using lots of curse words in the process. I think it’s supposed to be funny (click here to watch it if you feel the need), but there’s something very unsettling about watching a five-year-old calling someone a dick, even if the person they’re yelling at is a dick. Regardless of their current citizenship or national origin, whoever put the kids up to that video should probably be deported.

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