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Guard Your Stomach: KFC is Making Pizza Chicken

Guard Your Stomach: KFC is Making Pizza Chicken: KFC


It’s an amazing time to be a person that loves foods combined with other foods. Between Pizza Hut’s hot dog-stuffed crust, Taco Bell’s creamy cereal balls, and England’s fried Big Macs and doughnut-sausages, we live in a golden era of being able to eat two bizarrely-combined things at once, and now KFC is jumping into the game with the KFChizza, a combination of chicken and pizza.

So far the only market that’s selling these beauties is the Philippines, which is a shame, because in America we have Pizza Huts and KFCs in the same building and they could certainly take this monstrosity to the next level.



A representative for KFC told Buzzfeed that “it is a chicken wing sprinkled with cheese and sauce” and sure, that’s kind of what this looks like.

The ads ask you to “forget everything you know about pizza!” but we encourage you to not do that. Today you forget everything you know about good pizza and eat a sauce-covered chicken wing, tomorrow you forget what food is and accept a steady stream of fried mystery slurry as nourishment. It’s a slippery slope.

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