Although longtime comic book fan James Gunn had a blast directing and co-writing Guardians of the Galaxy, and likely having an equally good time penning its sequel, he’s encountered numerous Marvel rules of what he can and can’t do, who he can and can’t include.

But there’s one alien race from the Marvel universe that Gunn just found out he can’t throw in—it’s these green fellas below—for a reason he never saw coming.

The Sneepers

The Sneepers

On Gunn’s Facebook page, the director revealed that it comes down to their name.

While writing Guardians scripts I like to use the names of characters from the comics as much as possible - it makes watching the movie more fun for longtime Marvel fans (one of whom is me). Characters like Kraglin, The Broker, Bereet, and Garthan Saal all originally appeared in the comics, albeit sometimes in very different incarnations. Every name I use I have to run through the Marvel legal department. Lately, in the service of building out the Marvel cosmic side of the universe, I’ve been trying to clear names of alien species we see in the background. It’s always a bummer when I can’t use a name, usually because Fox or Sony or Hasbro or whomever owns the rights. But today I received a brand new reason for being advised against calling one of the alien species “Sneepers.”

“Sneeper is a word for clitoris in Icelandic.”


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