With the beard boom officially out of control, it’s time for a little correction. If your beard is bushy, don’t expect anyone to take you seriously: Witness Zach Galifianakis and the nearest hipster barista. That said, well-groomed facial hair is now an acceptable style statement in the less–draconian corners of the professional world: A beard can highlight your best features or dress down a suit—that is, if you know how to keep it in check.

LUBE UP, $11
Jack Black Beard Lube is transparent, which makes it ideal for trimming the edges of beards, sideburns and mustaches.

DA BALM, $28
Beard Scent from Jao is like a moisturizing perfume for your beard. It also doubles as a skin and cuticle moisturizer.

Brooklyn Grooming’s beard oil is made with hemp seed, sesame and argan oils and will keep your beard soft and sleek.

Hudson Made’s shaving soap (the old-school kind you whisk into a froth with a brush) can also be used as a beard ­shampoo.