Courtesy of  [Tony Webster/Wikipedia](

Courtesy of Tony Webster/Wikipedia.

A new interactive map from shows users exactly where gun violence has taken place anywhere in the United States. Simply type in an address, and you’ll be shown a map that flags the location of nearby shootings (both fatal and nonfatal) which took place between December 5th, 2014, and December 5th, 2015.

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You’ll also be given a snapshot of how many shootings took place within a certain radius. Clicking on the individual locations will give users a link to the GunViolenceArchive, which offers names of victims and perpetrators as well as links to outside media coverage of the shootings.

Courtesy of [TheTrace](

Courtesy of TheTrace.

In all, there were 30,284 shootings tallied by the As the article accompanying the map points out, “guns are used in twice as many suicides as homicides (and are the most lethal means of suicide).” But due to the difficulty of tracking suicides, which are not always reported by law enforcement and the media, those figures are not included in the total. Incidents where guns were fired but did not actually hit their intended targets (or bystanders) were also not included, although accidental shooting were.

(Source: The Trace)