If you’ve never heard of Dark Souls, you don’t know it by its reputation as a punishingly difficult game in which you take a sword and shield to some of the most ridiculous boss fights ever coded into interactive entertainment.

Dark Souls is tough enough with a standard controller, years of video gaming experience and all your wits about you. But for some players, that’s not tough enough, so they take it to another hellish level. Enter YouTuber and streamer bearzly, who notes on Reddit that he previously beat the game playing with those plastic instrument controllers from Rock Band, and who now has bested it using only the calm, dulcet tones of his voice.

You can see part of bearzly’s run in action in the video above (that’s the notoriously tough fight against bosses Ornstein and Smough he’s navigating using an almost bored tone of voice). Dark Souls doesn’t include a voice command mode, so he’s making use of VoiceAttack, a program that translates certain words into keyboard commands. Take special note that it takes better than a full second for this software to translate his voice into a command. Nevertheless, it looks easy there—until you learn that this fight alone killed him 111 times, and he was struck down a total of 485 across the whole 30-hour playthrough.

Via Kotaku