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Exit Clear

This Dude Photoshopped Himself into Stock Images and the Results Are Amazing

Most stock photos are typically pretty boring, but sometimes they can be insanely weird photos that we can’t help but question. But, that’s where this photobomber—or should we say stock photobomber—comes in. To try and liven up a few boring stock photos, this dude hilariously photoshopped himself into the background and the results are pure perfection.

001 stock-photo-photoshop
002 stock-photo-photoshop

003 stock-photo-photoshop
004 stock-photo-photoshop

005 stock-photo-photoshop
006 stock-photo-photoshop

007 stock-photo-photoshop
008 stock-photo-photoshop

009 stock-photo-photoshop
010 stock-photo-photoshop

011 stock-photo-photoshop
012 stock-photo-photoshop

013 stock-photo-photoshop
014 stock-photo-photoshop

015 stock-photo-photoshop
016 stock-photo-photoshop

017 stock-photo-photoshop
018 stock-photo-photoshop

Via College Humor

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