Forrest Gump is one of the great all-time American films. The movie made over half a billion dollars at the box office in 1994, won the Academy Award for Best Picture and often gets replayed on cable television because it’s one of the few great movies that doesn’t really have any naughty parts that need to be edited out. So while it might be easy to believe that everyone on Earth is already familiar with Forrest Gump’s life details, that isn’t the case.

A guy named Blake decided to steal Forrest’s bio when making a Tinder profile. Surely anyone who came across his profile would enjoy a good chuckle at the many analogies to the movie:

Well, not everyone who swiped right to Blake is a 1990s movie buff. One girl thought he was for real and asked him all about himself. The results were pretty hilarious:

Let’s hope he tells her how Jenny died before they actually hook up.

Now someone just needs to make a Tinder profile for Lieutenant Dan. That would probably result in far fewer matches.

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