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If a video of a guy in a taco suit doesn’t make you laugh, you may have just had a bad day. If a video of a guy in a taco suit getting hit by a car doesn’t make you laugh… you’re dead. This video has everything you could possibly want in a 30 second video.

Why is it the perfect video? Let me break it down for you:

  1. Taco suit. Taco suits are always funny, no matter what. That alone can get chuckles from people.
  2. Good intentions failing. The guys that made this video just wanted to help advertise for a local bar. They succeeded and failed at the same time.
  3. Skateboarding. They already had the taco suit, they didn’t need to add anymore, but they did, because they understand what the public wants.
  4. He hits a fucking car.
  5. It’s short.
  6. No one died.

Rarely does a video come together with all these ingredients. Speaking of Ingredients, if you’re in Brooklyn looking for an awesome dollar taco, you might want to check out the bar they were advertising for: Baby’s All Right.

(H/T Deathandtaxesmag)