One of Fallout 4’s biggest new additions to the franchise is a system that allows players to construct settlements in the post-apocalyptic wasteland. And when players can build structures in a video game, they inevitably dedicate their engineering talents to the erecting of erections.

Case in point is the colossal dong built by YouTuber Saucy Sausage and shared on Reddit. Saucy Sausage refers to it as the Tower of Flesh—it’s a giant light-up screen that projects an animated penis sign across the expanse of the Boston wasteland in Fallout 4.

According to the video Saucy spent 20 hours constructing the sign, which is built from the random scrap players can collect throughout the game. It’s so tall that its creator maxed out the height the game allows buildings to reach, and the facility that houses and powers the sign actually had to be scaled back because it was crashing the game’s frame rate.

Thanks to Saucy Sausage, the people of the post-nuclear Commonwealth Wasteland will finally know hope again. If the grit and determination of the human spirit can create an enormous electronic penis, truly, it is capable of anything.