Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight.

That’s good advice, especially if the “fight” involves undercover police officers.

However, a 27-year-old Florida man named Dominique Albert disregarded the helpful suggestion, and armed with a steak knife, tried to carjack a cop car occupied by two plainclothes detectives.

In all fairness to Albert, the car was unmarked. Even so, who uses a steak knife? According to TSG, the type of guy who gets arrested for shoplifting from Walmart. That’s who.

While Albert’s would-be victims were initially startled by the interloper, they quickly rallied.

“Police!,” shouted Detective Daniel Torok from the driver’s seat as he drew his handgun and leveled it at Albert, who “turned and fled on foot.”

Torok and his partner then chased after Albert, who dropped his knife during the pursuit. When the cops caught up with Albert, he “fought Police with violence, but was finally taken into custody after a lengthy fight.” Albert, who allegedly continued to struggle after being handcuffed, stopped resisting after a backup officer “deployed his Taser.”

Given the recent spat of high-profile police shootings, I’d say Albert was lucky to get off with a tasing.

He is currently being held on $170,000 bond.

(Source: TSG)