Sometimes, a “do-it-yourself” mentality is all about creating things you need, cheaply and efficiently. And sometimes it’s about creating things that are super cool and for which the world would have virtually no use. This is a story about the latter.

Canadian PC repair guy and modder Daniel d’Entremont saw some pictures online in which someone added decals of buttons and a screen to their refrigerator—effectively making it look like an enormous version of Nintendo’s (also enormous) 1989 handheld, the Game Boy. He was inspired to take things a step further, so he converted his minifridge into a slightly less enormous Game Boy, but with computer parts instead of stickers. He calls it “The Cold Boy.” The damn thing works, too.

D’Entremont details how it all went down on his blog, and you can see the Cold Boy in action in the video above. The buttons he constructed out of wood, while the screen is mounted in a hole in the front of the fridge, and the whole thing runs thanks to a small Raspberry Pi computer.

Fun though it may be, sounds like the Cold Boy is just shy of impossible to play—d’Entremont writes that it’s so big that “I found myself basically punching the buttons.” But hell, it’s a fridge that plays video games, and really, how much is too much to ask of a refrigerator?

Via FWx.