McKalya Maroney has been busy lately; busy posting a slew of incredible pics of herself to Instagram. It makes sense, since the 20 year old is retired from her Olympics gymnastics career. What else is she going to do with her time? The Olympics are just around the corner, so typically around this time, McKayla would be busy in full-on training mode getting ready for the big event. Since she officially retired in February of this year, she can now relax and continue taking pics while dressed like a girl from the beginning of Drake’s ’Hotline Bling’ music video.

In one of the captions, McKayla says to blame Alexa Losey for all the images. I disagree, McKayla. I would prefer to thank Alexa for her wonderful photography skills and insist that she continue practicing her craft.

u can blame @alexalosey for taking all these pics of me

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when ur moms lost but u don’t care

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