The cover of Remix magazine’s April issue features Hailey Baldwin, and the accompanying headline proclaims her “The World’s Hottest 20-Year-Old.” The issue offers plenty of evidence to back that up, including several glamorous photos of the model taken by photographer Cameron McCool. Baldwin’s age makes her the perfect cover girl for Remix, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

Editor Steven Fernandez asked Baldwin where she sees herself in 20 years, and she shared that she hopes to have a family of her own. “There’ll definitely be some kiddos in the picture by then. I want to be a young parent, so I want to be 40 and have teenage kids.”

Baldwin also told the magazine that she hopes to follow in the footsteps of her famous father Stephen Baldwin, and his brothers Alec, William and Daniel, and transition into acting. “I think it would be unfortunate if no one in our family, none of the kids, decided to carry that on, because it’s a whole entire family.”

Maybe 20 years from now, she’ll return to Remix to celebrate another issue with them as “the world’s hottest 40-year-old.” For now, you can admire her 20-year-old self in McCool’s pics:


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Baldwin also appears on two covers of the new issue of the Australian magazine, InPrint. In one of the photos, shot by Pierre Toussaint, Baldwin is sitting on the toilet in the Presidential suite of the Beverly Wilshire hotel. When she shared the image on Instagram, fans quickly pointed out that while her lacy underwear is around her ankles, the toilet lid is down. The magazine’s founder, Megha Kapoor, says that was intentional. “I would never want to literally shoot her peeing, that’s super crass.” Check out both of Baldwin’s InPrint covers below: