That game last night, huh? So much booze, so much booze. It’s all a little hazy this morning. Luckily, as a public service to the hungover, every week we track down the best bartenders in America and ask them to share their favorite hair-of-the-dog remedies. This week, in a special post-Super Bowl hangover edition, we trolled New York City for a place straggling fans can nurse themselves back to quasi-normalcy. What we found is devilishly simple. It had to be. Coordination isn’t anyone’s strong suit this morning.

THE SPECIALIST: Howard Hunt, co-owner of Williamsburg, Brooklyn’s The Levee


ITS ORIGINS: The Gatorita is—what else?—a bastardization of the Mexican margarita. A classic margarita consists of tequila, triple sec, simple syrup and lime or lemon juice. With the right ingredients and care, it’s a cocktail that can be crafted into an upscale masterpiece. However, to save time, many bars, chain restaurants and Jimmy Buffet fans shortcut the process by using syrupy “margarita mix” in place of the citrus juice. The Gatorita takes it one step further by replacing the neon margarita mix with—you guessed it—neon, lemon-lime Gatorade, everyone’s favorite post-debauchery sports drink.

Hunt came up with the recipe while he was attending college in Austin, Texas. “I went to a lot of shows in parks and they wouldn’t let us bring alcohol in,” he says, laughing. “So I’d walk in carrying a bottle of Gatorade with a little tequila in it.” No one caught on. But the electrolyte-rich drink has caught on in his Williamsburg dive; the bar goes through dozens of gallons of Gatorade every week.

ITS HEALING POWERS: Margaritas are complicated. Gatoritas, though? “Not all that complicated,” Hunt says. The drink consists of just two ingredients—tequila and Gatorade. “Most of your hangover is caused by dehydration,” Hunt explains. “Gatorade is great for rehydration. And a little buzz won’t hurt any.”

BONUS POINTS: With 200 milligrams of sodium per glass, you don’t even have to salt the rim.


1 ½ oz. tequila, brown
12 oz. bottle of lemon-lime Gatorade

THE METHOD: Fill a 16-ounce beer glass with ice. Add tequila and top with Gatorade. Garnish with a wedge of lime and a bendy straw. Get back in the game. Or at least make the pounding in your head stop for a few minutes.

Alyson Sheppard is the resident hangover specialist at Follow her on Twitter: @amshep