Destiny is in a festive mood today, launching a Halloween-themed event that lets players trick-or-treat in the game.

The “Festival of the Lost” sees Destiny’s Tower, the social hub littered with the game’s shops and quest-givers, turned into a Halloween wonderland. Drop by and you’ll be able to start a quest line that first has you wandering the Tower collecting candy from the various characters, and rewards you with Halloween masks you can use to dress up as Destiny’s mainstays and bosses. Most characters give you treats, but of course the ever-dour Eris Morn gives raisins. Because she’s terrible.

Luckily, the now-hilarious Nathan Fillion-voiced Cayde-6 has a joke ready for the situation: his costume is an Eris mask.

A few other characters are dressed up as well. The Cryptarch, jokester though he is, is even dressed up as an engram, those things you trade him for new weapons and armors.

Once you’ve collected candy from the major characters in the Tower, you can trade them in for a set of three quests that require you to wear various masks while doing things in the game—like dressing up as sword-wielding raid boss Crota to kill other players with your own sword in Destiny’s competitive arenas, or wearing a Cryptarch mask while interacting with the actual Cryptarch.

Masks are available through the quest line and also can be bought in random packages for real money through Destiny’s new microtransactions. Also among the new offerings are a few new Halloween dances and emotes, including Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” That’s right: “Thriller” is now canon in Destiny. It’s a happy Halloween for everyone.