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Exit Clear

This Halloween Flyer About Candy Allergies and Vegetable Alternatives Is Pissing Everyone Off

WARNING: You are probably about to be pissed off.

A family in Connecticut recently posted bright orange flyers, urging parents in the community to change what they hand out for Halloween this year.


The flyers were covered by a local news station and then spread like wildfire across the internet. While the interviewed parents from the news story didn’t seem to mind, internet commenters weren’t as friendly, and rightfully so. It makes sense that these parents want to protect their children, but posting flyers telling neighbors to change their behavior instead of taking responsibility themselves doesn’t. Go trick-or-treating with them, or go through their candy afterwards, or let them trade the stuff they can’t eat, or don’t let them go at all and make them hate you. All viable options for “responsible parents.”

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