Halo 5: Guardians is going to include some huge 24-player battles, with everyone driving vehicles, fighting hordes of smaller, computer-controlled enemies and generally creating a huge amount of mayhem.

At its E3 2015 press conference today, Microsoft announced Halo 5’s “Warzones,” a new game mode for multiplayer that seems to pit players against just about everything in some giant, chaotic arenas. Twenty-four players, bad guys, vehicles—it looks like this will be a kitchen sink mode for Halo 5 that mixes the series’ usual competitive multiplayer with cooperative play and maybe even some objectives.

Of course, Halo 5 also has the kind of small-team arena multiplayer players have gotten used to over the years. And like most shooters with vehicles, it’ll probably devolve into players competing to find the most hilarious ways to kill themselves by launching a jeep into the air and smashing it into an alien ship.

The presser also showed off a little of Halo 5’s single-player campaign (above), which puts players in the role of Locke, a Spartan searching for series protagonist Master Chief. The demo has the player not only shooting stuff, but giving orders to buddy Spartans so they can shoot stuff, too. Neat!

One assumes it’ll be even cooler when you are yelling at actual other people to shoot stuff. Hopefully they listen.