In the premiere for her new music video, Halsey is taking the roots of modern romance and giving them a glossy and post-apocalyptic sheen.

With her a member of one group and her dread-bearing eye candy in a rival faction, the pop video Montagues and Capulets are set against each other. This isn’t your Baz Luhrrman reboot of Romeo and Juliet though, as they clearly subbed out Friar Lawrence for a necromancer with one of those terrifying disease masks from World War I. Rather than a mutual suicide that establishes the impossibility of their romance, this video has a jarring sequence in which a gang war permanently puts a chasm between the two lovers. Nothing quite kills the mood like a hail of AK-47 gunfire, but Halsey’s finale moment is one of subtle gender subversion.

Rather than be the one to watch her lover head out into the sunset, she gets the badass moment of motorcycle escape with her man looking on in desire. That is a high class subversion of expectations.

Halsey’s latest video follows last week’s stunning premiere of Kendrick Lamar’s new single ‘Be Humble’ and its music video. With his and Halsey’s above video, it is safe to say the age of truly awesome music videos that are low on product placement may be upon us once again.

Here’s hoping this trend continues.