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Twitter / @Happyhourguys

Our boss is no fan of Hamilton. Mind you, he hasn’t seen it, but the hype and fawning by the media has annoyed the shit out of him. Occassionally, we bring it up out of the blue in meetings or on Slack just to piss him off. But, our boss is not in the office today, nor is he on Slack, so we’ve had to find new, creative ways to annoy him. Enter a beer inspired by the success of the play and us wasting company time to cover it.

The brew is called “Rise Up Rye”, which is a lyrical reference to the musical beloved by the beer’s creators, Broadway actors Mark Aldrich and Jimmy Ludwig. The beer was actually the product of a six-month long collaboration with Hamilton’s cast, who helped craft what the musical-themed brew should taste like.

The Wall Street Journal has cheekily called this a “Revolutionary Drink”, which is a bit of a stretch, but we live in the age of Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal.

We’ve already ordered our boss a case.