Just a few years ago, it seemed like we might never see another Star Wars movie, and now we’re living an age of wonders from a galaxy far, far away. The first film in a decade, and the first in 32 years to star the original cast, is hitting theaters this Christmas. Two more sequels in the main storyline are already set to follow. Spinoff films are greenlit, and even more fun is coming. Now, we can add a Han Solo spinoff movie to the “more fun” category.

The idea of a Han Solo film featuring a younger actor portraying the character sometime before the first Star Wars film has been floating around the internet rumor mill ever since Disney bought Lucasfilm and set this whole plan in motion, and now it seems to be a reality. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Phil Lord and Chris Miller — the writers, directors, and producers behind hits like The LEGO Movie, 21 Jump Street, and the TV series The Last Man on Earth — have signed on to make a film about a younger Han Solo that will be released on May 25, 2018, 41 years to the day after Han made his big-screen debut in Star Wars. Lawrence Kasdan — who wrote the greatest Star Wars film to date, The Empire Strikes Back — is scripting the film along with his son Jon, and though there’s no news on who’ll play this younger Solo just yet, we’re sure the internet already has some ideas.

Lucasfilm and Disney didn’t comment on the Hollywood Reporter story (UPDATE: They have since issued a press release), but lucky for us, Miller himself all but confirmed it with this tweet:

So, get ready for the first “solo” movie about the galaxy’s favorite scoundrel.