Waking up to hotel or campfire coffee can ruin your entire day. But now you can get real espresso on-the-go with the Minipresso, no electricity or compressed air required.

The 0.8-pound gadget, designed by Hong Kong-based Wacaco, is the size of a Beats By Dre Pill speaker and disassembles into various cups. To use, scoop 0.25 ounces of grounds into the coffee chamber and tamper it down with the bottom of your scoop. You can also just stick a Caffitaly capsule in there. Next fill the water compartment with 2.4 ounces of hot water, and then reassemble the compartments. Unlock the cranking mechanism from its collapsed, travel position, and then begin pumping the device. A semi-automatic piston injects small quantities of the hot water into the coffee compartment, preparing the shot and building up pressure. Wacaco says the process requires about as much effort as inflating a bike tire with a hand-pump.

Once the internal pressure reaches the optimal extraction pressure, 116 psi—the same pressure produced by traditional piston-driven espresso machines—the hot espresso will begin dripping out. Pump it 13 times for a Ristretto (short shot), 18 times for a 1.7-ounce espresso or 28 times for a double. The manual machine even produces a drool-worthy crema on top.

Minipressos begin shipping early next year. Pre-order one now for $39.

Via Cool Material

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