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This Slow Motion Video of SI Swimsuit Model Hannah Ferguson Will Improve Your Day

There are certain thing that I’ll never be able to do in my life. I can’t see myself ever dunking a basketball on a regular net ever again. I probably will win a WWE Championship. I certainly won’t be able to do a standing backflip without needing a visit to the hospital. Another thing that I’ll never do in my lifetime is flip my wet hair back. I have about 0.5 inches of hair and it dries up as soon as it touches oxygen. I’ll never be able to do one of those miraculous, mesmerizing, slow motion hair flips. Do you know who is great at those, though? Super model Hannah Ferguson!

💦 💦💦 how are you spending your #SundayFunday @bastasurf 📹 credit @conndavis

A video posted by HANNAH FERGUSON (@hannahfergusonofficial) on

Something about this video is an incredible mixture of sexy, relaxing, stunning, hypnotizing, and gives me a warm feeling deep down, like eating chicken noodle soup. Hannah Ferguson is a wonderful gift to humanity, especially if she keeps giving us treats like this video. She can do things that I never could, like wear tiny bikinis and do miraculous wet hair flips. Then again, I bet I know more about the 1994 New York Knicks than she does… sooo.


A photo posted by HANNAH FERGUSON (@hannahfergusonofficial) on

🐚🌾🌜 #beaches #sand #sun #bluefriday #newmoon

A photo posted by HANNAH FERGUSON (@hannahfergusonofficial) on


A photo posted by HANNAH FERGUSON (@hannahfergusonofficial) on


A photo posted by HANNAH FERGUSON (@hannahfergusonofficial) on

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