If you’ve been reading the news at all over the last few months, you may have heard that legendary comedian/sitcom star Bill Cosby has been…well, let’s say the butt of a few jokes. Actually, he’s been the subject of more than two dozen rape accusations by 30 different women, and while such accusations against Cosby aren’t really a new thing, the rising level of hatred for the comic, who’s trying to mount a comeback at the age of 77, certainly is.

In many ways, this new wave of accusations against and hatred of Cosby started, ironically, with a joke, a joke from comedian Hannibal Buress, who delivers a pretty solid stand-up set when he’s not co-starring on Comedy Central’s Broad City. Buress was on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week, and after Kimmel joked that Buress “really put a crimp” in Cosby’s “dating life” with his remarks, Buress responded — in typical super-chill fashion — with talk of some of the threats he’s gotten in the wake of the Cosby controversy. “It’s definitely a weird situation, man. I get a lot of messages from people about it,” Buress said. “You know, the weirdest thing about gettin’ a death threat from a male bodybuilder/stripper on Facebook is when you click on his profile and see that you have one mutual friend.”

Watch the rest of Buress’ jokes about his death threats, as well as some talk about roasting Justin Bieber, in the video below.