Orson Welles was, inarguably, an artistic titan. His War of the Worlds radio broadcast was the first viral sensation since the Bubonic Plague and Citizen Kane legitimately changed the face of cinema as we know it. (Yes, if you watch it for the first time today it feels a little slow, but it’s worth remembering that was the first time anyone had done those things with a camera.)

Flash forward about half a century and you get fat, drunk Orson Welles shooting a commericial for some crappy California wine. He’s half in the bag and all the way bored — it’s perhaps not the best way to remember a straight-up artistic genius, but it is definitely the funniest. Cheers!

Marc Bernardin is the Deputy Editor of Playboy.com. He, too, will drink no wine before its time. Or eat no taco before it’s taco’d.