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Donning a white tux and stepping out to greet his many well-wishers, Hugh Hefner celebrated his 86th birthday in style this past Sunday at the Mansion.

True to tradition it was Casablanca night ­­­with guests dressed for the time and a screening of the iconic film – a favorite of Hef’s- to mark the birth of an iconic man.

Iconic indeed. A cultural giant for nearly 60 years, Hef has routinely set and reset the bar on what it means to be a playboy; from a life of leisure at the mansion to being surrounded by beauty almost anywhere he goes, he has left his mark on countless cultural forays and defined for the past half century what it means to be a man about town.

We here at wish Hef all the best on this special day and hope for many more years of unsurpassed taste and talent. Happy Birthday Hef!

*You can send Hef your birthday wishes on Twitter. Find him at @hughhefner. *