What’s the one piece of magic from the Harry Potter series that you wish existed in real life? I’ve spent, oh, about 17 years thinking about this, and for me, there are two easy answers. The first is floo powder, which you can use to instantly travel between any two fireplaces in the world. (Obvious game-changer for vacations.) And the second is the invisibility cloak—mostly because of all the pranks you could pull.

Unfortunately, Harry Potter isn’t real, so you’ll have to get your pretend magic kicks elsewhere. You could visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park, but then you’d have to stand in line for four hours in the blistering Orlando heat just to ride through a goddamn bank vault. Plan B? A Harry Potter Halloween dinner in London, complete with Harry Potter booze.

Warner Bros. is billing its special Halloween weekend studio tour of the Harry Potter sets as “Hogwarts After Dark,” and while that name might suggest Ron and Hermione banging in the close quarters of the Gryffindor common room, this event is a tamer, though no less awesome, affair: For around $300, you can eat a three-course meal in the Great Hall (complete with pumpkins flying overhead), featuring fare like hay-smoked beef filet and forest mushroom mille-feuille, and wizard-worthy beverages like Jackalberry cabernet sauvignon and chenin blanc.

After dinner, you’ll grab a lantern and head into the Forbidden Forest—or at least the Forbidden Forest movie set. That’s where you’ll eat dessert (including spiced pumpkin pie with meringue and raspberry coulis) while surrounded by giant spiders, because really, how else do you expect to eat dessert when you’re a fucking wizard?

From there, you can tour various spots on the Harry Potter set, like the Weasleys’ kitchen (good) and a Diagon Alley patrolled by Death Eaters (better), before wrapping up the night learning wand combat moves from a designated Wand Choreographer, which is a very real job that you didn’t know existed until now. Snag your tickets here.