The Hollywood Reporter expands on a tweet from Harry Potter scribe JK Rowling about a sequel to the beloved series of children’s books coming in the form of a play next year.

Rowling’s web site said that the play would have its world premiere at London’s Palace Theatre in the summer of 2016. Tickets will go on sale this fall.

The theater’s site said that the play would “explore the back story leading up to Harry’s parents untimely death at the hands of Lord Voldemort.” Casting decisions have yet to be announced.

When asked why a stage production and not a new book or film, Rowling responded:

“Jack, John, and Sonia Freidman” are British TV royalty, and we’re certain that with their pedigree, the project is in good hands.

Thorne has written for theater and such TV shows as Skins and Shameless. Tiffany has directed the likes of Black Watch and Once. In 2012, he won a Tony Award for best direction of a musical for his work on Once. Friedman has run her own theater company, Sonia Friedman Productions, since 2002. It has also worked on such recent TV projects as Wolf Hall and The Dresser.

This is (so far as we know) independent of that other prequel set in the world of the boy wizard, which is also scheduled to be released next year.