Everyone could always use a good reminder that science is amazing. In today’s lesson, you should know there’s a mushroom that gives women instant orgasms (or at least the smell of it does).

Back in 2001, on the island of Hawaii, John C. Halliday and Noah Soule discovered a mushroom species known as “phallus indusiatus” that grew out of “recent” lava flows (the quotations are necessary because it’s relative to the entirety of existence, meaning it’s only 600 to 10,000 years old).

For women, the scent has a similarity to human neurotransmitters released during sexual encounters. In a trial involving 16 women, six had orgasms and the other ten, who received smaller doses, noted physiological changes like increased heart rate. For men, however, it’s straight up a disgusting smell and they hate it. Science!