For the first time since its debut, Game of Thrones will not premiere in the spring this year. We’ve known that for a while. What we didn’t know was that HBO would milk the delay quite so much, betting that fans would literally wait to watch ice melt if it meant finding out when their beloved show would really be back.

At 11 a.m. PST Thursday, the show revealed a Facebook livestream of a block of ice with a piece of metal trapped inside, and invited viewers to type the word “FIRE” in the comments (Get it? Fire and ice?), triggering flamethrowers that would then melt the ice and reveal the premiere date. That looked something like this.

It would’ve been a fun way to pass a few minutes at your desk … if it had only lasted a few minutes. In the end, the reveal took over an hour, with the stream crashing twice and HBO attempting to speed up the process by adding more flamethrowers. Then, when this amusing little time-waster had long since turned into a slog for even the most devoted fans, HBO finally revealed the series would be back on July 16, and dropped a frankly badass teaser as a small reward for all that waiting.

So, we’ve got a little more than four months to wait until Game of Thrones is back, which somehow feels ike less time than we spent watching that damn livestream.