Leave it to Aaron Sorkin to make the show all about him. The sparse promo for the third and final season of The Newsroom features only a copy machine in a bare office space spitting out pages of script , presumably written by the unabashedly verbose and dogmatic TV guru himself. Show off.

Alright, who are we kidding? The somewhat provocative spot was likely devised, not by Sorkin, but by the HBO publicity department, and the point is well taken: Love it or hate it, The Newsroom is more about Sorkin’s rapid-fire, heady, and heavily stylized writing than any amalgam of performances by Jeff Daniels or Emily Mortimer. It only makes sense that the words take center stage.

For the past two years, it seems like critics have watched The Newsroom just to pelt it repeatedly with scathing words of their own. Yes, the show has earned some of that ire. But you’d think, by now, folks would have grown tired of hating and let it be. Personally, I get a kick out of the program — particularly the charged dialogue — even at its most cringe-inducing and heavy handed. Still, this promo seems to pose the question: If the showrunner pontificates and no one tunes in to hear it, can he still piss people off?