True Detective’s first season was one of the most acclaimed pieces of television to be released last year. Critics and fans alike pored over every piece of it, and its finale was so popular that it crashed HBO Go. So, Season 2 brought with it, among other things, impossibly high expectations for creator Nic Pizzolatto and company.

It’s far too early to call True Detective Season 2 a failure in any sense. Ratings, on average, are higher than Season 1’s, and plenty of fans and critics (including yours truly) are still enjoying the show. The people who aren’t happy with the new direction are quite vocal, though, so the reception to the show came up during HBO’s presentation at the Television Critics Association summer press tour this week. After being asked “repeatedly” about the response to the show, HBO President of Programming Michael Lombardo said that people really need to wait until the season actually ends to pass judgement.

“I think you need to watch the entirety of it,” said Lombardo. “I think the season’s ending is as satisfying as any series we’ve done.”

Lombardo also, according to Deadline, said that the network does not give notes to Pizzolatto, giving him freedom as “one of the best writers working in film or television who takes big swings.”

So apparently, if you don’t like True Detective Season 2, HBO would like you to just back off and say nothing until you see the ending, which will presumably make up for more than seven hours of your disappointment. Good luck with that, internet.