The third episode of IO Interactive’s phenomenal new Hitman game is out today, taking players to Marrakesh, where anger at a corrupt government is threatening to turn into a full scale riot.

That’s where you come in: as the titular hitman of Hitman, your job is to eliminate the guys who are taking advantage of the city and the people inside it. You get to be a bit of a Robin Hood figure—except instead of winning an archery tournament, you murder some fools with a really big sniper rifle.

Here’s the official description of what you’ll get up to in the new episode:

The featured mission, ‘A Gilded Cage’, sees Agent 47 travel to the busy city of Marrakesh to eliminate a corrupt private banker Claus Strandberg and his accomplice Army General Reza Zaydan before the city of contrasts collapses into a riot.

Like the last two parts of Hitman, which take place in Paris and Sapienza, Italy, respectively, the “featured mission” will only be the tip of the iceberg of what you do in Marrakesh. Each of these levels is like a giant clockwork puzzle, and it’s your job to figure out how to solve them—by killing folks—as best as humanly possible.

Square Enix and IO Interactive also released a 360-degree trailer that gives you a sense of what you’ll be getting into when you travel to Morocco. Fire it up below and you might find a few good places to hide a body or flee in terror after trying to walk into a heavily guarded area while wearing the wrong outfit.