Wine bottles don’t often come in coffins. They also rarely have red wax dripping from the top like blood from an open wound. Then again, Slayer, a band that screams about serial killers and genocide and also distributes a Reign in Blood cabernet sauvignon, is not your typical wine purveyor.

With a voice like a deranged chipmunk’s and a band as wonderfully odd as Primus, no one raised an eyebrow when bowler-hat connoisseur and owner of West Sonoma–based Claypool Cellars named his signature rosé Pink Platypus. Like Claypool, it’s brilliantly bizarre.

Hard-partying reputation be damned, rocker Lemmy Kilmister gave up his whiskey habit a few years back. Now he drinks only wine, so naturally Motörhead had to create its own. The gnarliest of the bunch, Sacrifice Shiraz bag-in-box wine, comes in cardboard styled like a vintage guitar amp.

Tool mastermind and notorious recluse Maynard Keenan would rather talk your ear off about his Arizona-based Caduceus Cellars than about his iconic alt-metal outfit. Dude even schedules tours around harvesting season. Oh, and his vineyard’s name, Merkin, means “pubic wig.”

We also had our wine expert Patrick Cappiello give Caduceus a try and he recently named it his wine of the week.